I created this cartoon series for a website that allowed me to make up random animations. I decided to do a miniseries that was inspired by the zombie movies series of Day of the Dead movie etc that hinted towards social commentary. So, here is my version. Enjoy! ;) 

Episode 1: First Date

Zombies on a first date feel as nervous as we do. Will they get along...?

Episode 2: Second Date

The normies made it to the second date! Sparks and limbs are flying!

Episode 3: RoadKill

The normies zombies are going to Vegas for the weekend! 

Episode 4: Social Media

Zombies have to deal with social media- just like us. 

Funny Zombies, animated cartoon- The Normies

Episode 6: Careful Campers

The normies go camping! Fred has a good idea to keep away the predators...!