Cartoons Shorts

An animated series for FACTION and Bam Margera.

Bye Bye Birdy

I created this funny cartoon and character in my last year in art school. Enjoy!

Dung Wrong: Animated Cartoon

This is an original short movie that was done for a website that asked me to make up any type of short that was 30-45 sec in length. I like the survival shows and I was inspired by some interesting facts about elephant dung. If you are ever stranded and thirsty... watch and learn. :)

Little Bunny Foo Foo Cartoon

This short film was done by recording my son when he was 2. 

I enjoy making cartoon characters and adding fun voice overs. If you would like a funny cartoon short with your family doing the voices- I'd be happy to help! ;)


Happy Birthday, son! :)

This funny cartoon was made for my son on his b-day and captured some of the funny moments of his second year on earth. Kids say the funniest things at awkward moments. Prefect for cartoons....! 

Rainbow Crab in Rotoscope

This was a fun short movie to do! I found a video of a crab walking on the beach and created this rotoscope short film by drawing over the video in Adobe Animate. 

I wanted to show a fun example of how animation and film and merge together. As I got to the end of the animation at 3am... I decided it needed an ending of some sort. So he ends it with ice cream. Why not? Enjoy!


#2: Testing a LAMP

Poetry Cartoon:

My Balloon


Chicken Egg

This animation was made for an app that would show 10 animated jokes between advertised content. 

It was a fun job because I had the freedom to make jokes up and animate them. 

Magician Chicken!

This animation was made for an app that would show 10 second animated jokes between advertised content. 

Funny Work Cartoon

This was made for an animated series for an app that focused on jokes in the workplace. My job was to make up random cartoons and animate them. 

Bird Brain

This animated cartoon was for a youtube channel that showed random animations and funny short films.