Educational Cartoons for Kids

What's a Limerick?

Sound Energy

Educational cartoons for kids. School subjects, tutoring, and healthy behavior lessons. Printed activities, videos, and interactive applications.

Spelling Animations: Ads and Jokes

What is a Food Chain?

Little Bunny Foo Foo Song

The Five Senses: Sing-A-Long

AS OLD AS DIRT ~ Educational Cartoons

Giraffes Facts: Brain Food Fun Facts

Energy To Electricity

Lady Who Swallowed A Fly: Cartoon: Nursery Rhyme

How to Create a Line Graph For Kids

Are you a MAD Artist? Prove it!


I started MAD Cartoons  to connect with other artists to grow our brands, teach others interested in the arts, sell products/assets, and network/job search for  opportunities. Feel free to make an artist account and look around.  Cheers! -Emily :)

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